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Addicted to Technology? The Ultimate Way to Unplug

There’s a remedy for the overstimulation and distraction people experience in our constant engagement with social media and technology; Glenn and Lee Perry helped invent it almost 50 years ago. Glenn explains how the floatation tank gives our nervous system a break from overstimulation, and reveals mental health benefits researchers are just beginning to discover.

Floating in Quiet Darkness: Meditation Magnified

Age-old practices such as yoga and meditation are more popular than ever as people seek respite from the distractions and sensory overload of modern life. Glenn explains how the floatation tanks he has developed and perfected over almost half a century allow people to access “Samadhi,” the deepest level of meditative contemplation.

Innovative Thinking: Creative Floating With Your Inner Child

Young children are better than adults at solving problems that require thinking outside the box because they have less developed default mode networks (DMN), the brain connections adults use to track sensory input and correlate it with past experiences. Glenn explains how people use floatation tanks to access a childlike state of focus and creativity.

The Brain Science Behind Floating

Glenn worked closely with physician and neuroscientist John Lilly, the inventor of the floatation tank, and has been perfecting the devices for almost 50 years with his Samadhi Tank Co. He discusses how the experience of floating in quiet darkness allows people to experience beneficial brain changes that can take advanced meditators many years to attain.

The Truth Behind Floating: Sensory Enhancement, Not Deprivation

Floatation tank pioneer Glenn Perry says the term commonly used for the device, sensory deprivation tanks, is somewhat a misnomer. He dispels some of the scary myths surrounding the tanks, such as those portrayed in the 1980 science fiction horror film “Altered States” and other popular media.

Float Away Fear: What First Timers Need to Know

People often experience fear or a sense of claustrophobia the first time they use the tank. Glenn explains what first-time tank users need to know, and how to use time in the tank to detach from fear, stress, and anxiety through deep, undisturbed meditation.

Instant Vacation On-Demand

Most people today are lucky to get a week or two of vacation a year, and it can take most of the vacation to reach a state of feeling calm. Then we come back to work and after a day or two, we need another vacation! Glenn explains how the floatation tank allows people to experience a vacation-like state of calm on a regular basis.

Optimizing Performance Through “Turbo Meditation”

Professional sports teams and university athletic departments have been using floatation tanks for years to help athletes with rest, recovery, and rejuvenation — and visualize the performance they need to win. Glenn explains why NFL and NBA players, computer coders, and top entrepreneurs are all floating to win.

Checklist for the Perfect Float

Many people purchase tanks for use at home, while others prefer to float in commercial float centers available worldwide. Having supplied centers around the world with the highest quality, most distraction-free tanks available, Glenn shares what to look for in the perfect tank environment, and how to have the best float experience.

Your Inner Space: Rejuvenation and “Profound Peace”

The experience of floating in quiet darkness in what feels like zero gravity with no distractions is so relaxing that some people fall asleep while floating. Others report significantly enhanced mental clarity, focus and creativity. Float tank pioneer and industry founders Glenn and Lee Perry share the many benefits of floating from their book “Floating in Quiet Darkness.”
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